hey someone asked me about sterek fic recs days ago so i made this page to help you guys and one day i’ll fix and put more things on it when i’m not lazy lol contains fics, fanart, musics, videos and yeah just click


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Anonymous: do you like the character malia?

YES I REALLY LOVE MALIA SO MUCH bc she can be funny, strong, really cute and at this point i think she’s trusted. definitely a great character that should be more explored, i mean she’s a hale. i love all the hale family <3 i just can’t stand the fact that she is stiles’s girlfriend ugh this came from nowhere lol what happened in echo house episode is totally bullshit but stalia scenes are cute so i’m not into stalia but i love malia a lot


旅立ちの空 by Rella // Odaiba Day ‘14